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Hi! By day, I'm a .NET and open source enthusiast and a Microsoft Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP. By night, I'm a husband and father. Somewhere in between the two I write stuff here.

2017 In Review

A look back.

2017 was an interesting year for me. Aside from what was going on in the national and world stages (which I won’t really address here, but which had a huge impact on me emotionally and personally), I also found myself with a lot of family obligations (I am now both the committee chair for my son's Cub Scout pack as well as our school's PTA treasurer). Even though my free time was at a premium, I think it was a good year for me development-wise so here’s a look back at what I accomplished.

Announcing NetlifySharp

A .NET API client for Netlify.

Netlify is an awesome static site host with tons of developer-friendly features including a comprehensive API. Today I'm announcing NetlifySharp, a new .NET API client for that API that lets you control your Netlify sites from .NET.

Using ASP.NET ModelState With Vue.js

Recently I've been using more and more Vue.js in the client code for my ASP.NET MVC websites. It provides a great balance between modern interactive client functionality and server logic. However, one area that's been troubling me is how to integrate the powerful built-in ModelState server-side validation framework with the client, particularly in WebAPI or other service-based scenarios. Ideally, I'd like to display server-side validation errors on the client when data fails to validate due to validation attributes like [Required]. This article shows one way to do that.