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Hi! By day, I'm a .NET and open source enthusiast and a Microsoft Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP. By night, I'm a husband and father. Somewhere in between the two I write stuff here.

Some Thoughts On Feelings In Open Source

It's been a while since I've posted anything about open source communities, but that doesn't mean I haven't continued to think about them. It's an issue that's near and dear to me and I spend a lot of time considering different aspects of open source. I'd like to take a moment to talk about one of those in particular: feelings. More specifically, why they matter in open source and some ideas on how best to incorporate them into our open source interactions.

Announcing AzurePipelines.TestLogger

An Azure Pipelines logger extension for the Visual Studio Test Platform

In today's episode of "what crazy niche has Dave gotten sucked into this time?" I announce a new test logger for the Visual Studio Test Platform designed to publish your test results in real-time to Azure Pipelines. This means that you can run dotnet test from your build script on Azure Pipelines and feed your test results directly to the test summary for your build without having to rely on post-processing like the PublishTestResults Azure Pipelines task.

Code From Your Phone

How I achieved mobile development nirvana.

I've long been a fan of mobile development workflows. I've also been interested in the convergence of .NET Core on Linux and containers as a way to enable rapid, self-contained .NET development environments. It turns out that updates to mobile tools, improved container hosting, and a little elbow grease can create a very nice mobile development setup that includes the ability to easily work with GitHub and git, edit files, and run builds and unit tests all from your phone or tablet (assuming your phone or tablet is running iOS - someone else will have to figure out how to do this on Android).