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Hi! By day, I'm a .NET and open source enthusiast and a Microsoft Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP. By night, I'm a husband and father. Somewhere in between the two I write stuff here.

Pushing Packages From Azure Pipelines To Azure Artifacts Using Cake

This is a short post about using Cake to publish packages from Azure Pipelines to Azure Artifacts that took me the better part of a day to figure out. For completness I'll walk through my entire process but if you just want to know how to do it, skip to the end.

The Bleeding Edge Of Razor

Using the Razor view engine in your own code.

Over the years there's been a number of projects designed to make using Razor templates from your own code easier. For a while, these third-party libraries were the only way to easily use Razor outside ASP.NET MVC because using the ASP.NET code directly was too complicated. That started to change with ASP.NET Core and the ASP.NET team has slowly started to address this use case. In this post we'll take a look at the current bleeding edge of Razor and how you can use it today to enable template rendering in your own application.

MSBuild Loggers And Logging Events

How to easily write cross platform MSBuild loggers.

I recently learned all about how MSBuild logging works and was surprised at how powerful it is. I was also disappointed how little information there is on the topic (though the docs are quite good). In this post I'll discuss what MSBuild logging is and how you can write your own cross-platform logger that can be plugged into any build process.