The personal blog of Dave Glick

Hi! By day, I'm a .NET and open source enthusiast and a Microsoft Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP. By night, I'm a husband and father. Somewhere in between the two I write stuff here.

Using The Same Object For Server And Client View Models

This short post explores a really simple technique for using the same C# object as a view model on both the client and server.

Using Expression Trees To Get Class And Member Names

This is a short post about a technique I've been using recently to get class and member names without resorting to strings. It's not particularly innovative, but works well and might be of interest if you hate magic strings as much as I do.

Microsoft Build, RevolutionConf, and .NET Fringe Retrospective

Recently I was fortunate enough to attend three vastly different conferences in the span of about a month. Microsoft Build, RevolutionConf, and .NET Fringe were all extremely enriching experiences, and they all contrasted with each other in interesting ways. Now that a little time has passed and I've been able to reflect on these experiences, I thought I would write up a short personal post about my impressions of each and how, together, they paint an interesting picture of different types of conferences in a broad sense.